Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Leviticus 19:13 NIV
Do not defraud your neighbor or rob him. Do not hold back the wages of a hired man overnight.

Recently I heard from a friend that she never wanted her father's name to be spoken around her. As far as she and her family were concerned her father no longer existed. These were harsh words spoken about a family that once seemed close. I knew the father she was talking about. I remember thinking years ago that someday his shady deals would come back to haunt him. Now it looks like this has happened.

Almost everyone knows someone, or has heard of someone, that has defrauded a business associate, friend, or perhaps a family member. It's bad enough when a person defrauds a stranger but when it comes to defrauding a family member it is heart breaking. You are supposed to be able to trust a family member, especially your father.

Your father held your hand and steadied you as you learned to take your first steps. He held on to the back of the bicycle as you learned to ride without the training wheels. Remember him sitting next to you as you learned to drive? He was the calm one, never biting his nails or yelling when you forgot to pop the clutch when you changed gears.

Now, whatever has transpired in his life has affected his family. I cannot even imagine never having any communication with my children ever again. My heart would break if my children didn't want to have anything to do with me. This is how God feels when we turn our backs on Him. His heart breaks when we say we can live without Him.

I, for one, never want to loose my closeness with the Heavenly Father. Without Him I am nothing. I feel His arms around me every day and know I am taken care of, safe and sound. The days I do not feel His arms around me are the days I wake up and don't start out with a prayer for guidance. My God will never defraud me, let me down, only lift me up.

Dear Father I pray that everyone will ask You to be their Father. I know that You will always be there for them. Amen.

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