Friday, September 30, 2011


Ecclesiastes 12:5 (NAS)
For man goes to his eternal home while mourners go about in the street.

While shopping at a craft store my friend and I came across home made signs saying "Home Sweet Home" and "Home Is Where The Heart Is". There were other cutsie signs with similiar sayings leaving one to believe home is where one can feel safe and loved.

In these troubled times not every home is safe or does one feel loved. It can be a lonley place, a place of violence, or alcohol abuse. There are children coming home every day to an empty home because both parents are at work and they cannot afford a baby sitter. So the child lets himself in and sits in front of the television, does his homework, or plays with his gameboy.

Perhaps the child goes home to parents that are out of work, angry with each other, taking it out on the child, or even each other. There are angry words said in haste. Hurting words that once said cannot ever be retracted. The child retreats to his room and closes the door sitting in silence.

We've watched television shows where family life is all rosy and everyone helps each other with their problems. In the end everyone is hugging and happy. We all know real life is not like that.

There are trials in each of our lives. It's how we react to those trials that makes us a stronger person. Without God's guidance and love we cannot face the adversity that the evil one throws our way.

When my life feels out of control and I know Satan is attacking me, or my family, I go straight away to God in prayer. When I am through I have a peace about me. I feel like I can do or say what I need and know that it is only with God's help. With Him I can endure anything. With God I have an eternal home that I look forward to. No more sorrow, crying, or fighting. To live with Him for all eternity. Praise God.

Most Gracious Father thank you for being there for me, Your daughter. Thank you for Your love and mercy. Amen.