Monday, October 17, 2011


Hebrews 11:34 (NAS)
From weakness were made strong, became mighty in war, put foreign armies to flight.

Our seventeen year old granddaughter came for a visit recently. Because of military moves they haven't lived close to us to be able to establish a relationship. From all accounts she is a very good girl, polite, helpful, but very shy. Almost to the point of wanting to hide from people, not wanting to say anything in case she offends someone.

In a lot of ways she reminds me of myself at that age. I never raised my hand in class, even if I knew the answer to the question. I didn't want to draw attention to me. I ran away, not wanting any confrontations.

I took speech in my junior year and when it was my turn to get up in front of the class my hands got sweaty. I wobbled down the isle to the front of the class, all the while I could feel my face starting to turn red. I turned, looked at my classmates, and started to talk, but all that was audible was small squeeks and whispers. Then I told a joke I heard my mother tell one of her friends and I ran for my seat in the back of the class. No one laughed. I never wanted to do that again in my life.

When it was time for me to find a summer job I made my girlfriend go with me to all the stores to fill out the applications. I was terrified I would say the wrong things and get laughed at.

I'm not going to say I outgrew being shy because I still would rather sit in the back of a group. The only thing different now is that I have someone I can go to for strength and support. He never leaves me.

He is my Savior Christ Jesus. I gave my life to Him when I was sixteen but through my growning up years I did my own thing. Oh I said my prayers, gave thanks, and went through the motions. Not until I went through a nasty divorce did I realize how much strength I had, and how many times Jesus held me in His arms keeping me safe.

Every day is a struggle even though Jesus is in my life. The evil one will never leave me alone. The only difference now is that through Jesus I can fight the temptations that come my way.

Dear Heavenly Father thank you for Your Son Jesus who never leaves me. Amen.