Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Memories.....by Barbara Streisand ........like the corners of my mind......misty watercolor memories. Memories......they hit you when you least expect it. You can be driving and see an object, be it an old swing in a yard, a broken fence, or whatever it is, and your mind drifts. Memories can be triggred by a smell, the subtle fragrance of perfume by a passing stranger.

Before you can stop it you are in that place again where that fragrance filled your nostrils and you feel the joy or sorrow it brought. Maybe it was the last time he kissed you goodbye and you never saw him again. Was it a good time or was it a bad time? Or was it sweet and sentimental as you parted ways? A mutual but bittersweet goodbye. You brush away a tear.

We go through life making it day by day, working, playing, loving, crying, and laughing. Friends are made, friends are lost, but we carry on. If it weren't for our memories to fall back on in our later years, as we sit in our rocking chairs, we wouldn't be anything. Memories are the scrapbooks of our lives. What we've done, friends we've made, and places we've been. The lives we've touched.

When I reflect on my memories there are some that aren't so good but by far most of my memories are sweet, meaningful, and full of life. I pray yours are too.

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