Friday, June 25, 2010

Acquire Wisdom

Proverbs 4:5 NAS
"Acquire wisom!" Acquire understanding! Do not forget, nor turn away from the words of my mouth.

This morning while my daughter and I were at the pool for our workout we were reflecting of years ago when she would go visit her siblings during the summer. Then the subject turned to one of her sisters, the more rebelious one, and why didn't I stop her when she moved out at thirteen. "Mom did you kick her out or did she move out? I was too young to remember."

How do you tell your daughter at some point you have to let go. I began. "If I'd tried to stop her she would have run away. I might not have ever seen her again. If I let her go I could still keep an eye on her. Watch her as she went about. I didn't agree with her life style but in my heart I knew she would come home. It took six months for her to realize she'd made a mistake, and I know it had to be hard for her to admit she was wrong and move back home."

Like so many other parents we want to shield our children of the hurts and misfortunes that we endured. To give them the best life we can, a life of roses, without the thorns. Sometimes that's hard even when you have to let go so they can make their own mistakes like you did.

I am thankful that my Lord let me go through the calamities I did to acquire the wisdom He wanted me to have. There were times I felt all alone with no one to turn to. No one to talk to and comfort me. When I was at my lowest point God was with me, He held me in His hands, and shielded me from harm. We can only pray that He is with our children as they go out into the world to find their own wisdom.

Gracious Heavenly Father watch over our children, shield and protect them as they go out and find their way in life. Amen.

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