Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Romans 14:18 NAS
For he who in this way serves Christ is acceptable to God and approved by men.

When my girls were in high school they were always dressing to look good for the boys and to show off to the other girls the latest new clothes and fashion. Although they wouldn't admit it but they were looking for approval from their peers.

I've seen neighbors go out and buy the newest lawnmowers, edgers, and bar-b-ques to show off. Whether they bought the gadgets because they really needed them or perhaps theirs had worn out, and they really had to replace the item. If we were to really think about it, they too, were looking for approval from others.

Approval comes in many different forms. There's getting accepted into the most prestigious school, making the football team, cheerleading squad, swim team, and a distinguished college. Children do things to please their parents to get their approval. Spouses likes to pamper to get your approval.

In our world today with people looking the other way, a strong man who has faith in the Lord, will live his life for God. This man is acceptable in God's eyes and an example to other men.

Dear Lord I pray for all the Godly men, that they are an example for others to follow. Amen.

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