Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Isiah 42:13 NAS
The Lord will go forth like a warrior. He will arouse His zeal like a man of war. He will utter a shout, yes, He will raise a war cry. He will prevail against His enemies.

I've been working on a book about the Black Hawk War and had to look for information on the ship that carried the Sauk Fox Indians from Bad Axe, Wisconson to Jefferson Barracks, Missouri. The ship's name was Warrior.

Warrior, war, fighting for a cause. Fighting to prove a point. Fighting just to be fighting. David, Samson, Saul, Joshua, Ahab, and Gideon were great warriors. David, a boy warrior who defeated the enemy. Gideon developed the guerilla warfare. Ahab was a warrior as well as a diplomat. Samson may have caused bedlam on occasions but he slew many Philistines.

We, as children of God, are to have the heart of a warrior. Fight the battle, spread His word. Marilyn McCoo has a song "Warrior For The Lord". A warrior for the Lord, march forward, fight the injustices in the world.

Be a prayer warrior, meaning pray without ceasing. Pray for the homeless, famines, pray for your neighbor, and the many disasters all over the world. Pray and keep praying.

Dear Heavenly Father comfort those that have lost their homes, their jobs, everything in the many tornados and floods recently. Give them strength to go on and look upward to You for their guidance. I pray these things in Jesus Holy Name. Amen.

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