Friday, December 10, 2010


Isaiah 26:4 NAS
Trust in the Lord forever, for in God, the Lord, we have an everlasting Rock.

Today while I was watching the Today show they were showing how F18s land on the air craft carrier George H.W. Bush. They had Amy Robach, a journalist, in the back seat to show her how it was done. They circled the carried and proceeded to bring the plane in and as they touched down the hook grabbed the plane to stop it suddenly. They said it was like a controled car crash going from 180 miles per hour to 0. Then they showed her how it felt when they took off from the carrier, being catapulted into the air.

Each person aboard that carrier had 100% trust in each other to bring the plane in safely. Without that trust there would be mishaps maybe even deaths.

Proverbs 3:26 tells us for the Lord will be your confidence, and will keep your foot from being caught. He is telling us to trust in Him and He will take care of us.
To let go of our problems, concerns, and fears. He has us in His hands always and will always be there when we cry out for help. We just need to give everything over to Him to take care of. Trust in God for all things big or small. He is our rock.

Dear Heavenly Father I pray you take all my worries in Your hands. Amen.

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