Friday, September 7, 2012


Ecclesiastes 4:10 NAS
Pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up.

For the past two days I've been reading Ecclesiastes and it has made me take a hard look at my life, a hard look at me. The me that will go out and buy a new blouse to make me feel good or because nothing in my closet fit just right this morning. The me that needed one more thing in my craft room because I knew I had one but couldn't find it. My craft room is full of stuff.

All of this stuff is meaningless. When I die there will be no luggage rack on the top of the hearst taking my body to the cemetery. I cannot stuff goodies in the casket with me hoping to use them later.

What I need to be looking at is what have I done in my life, not the things, or stuff I have in my life. Did I really take the time to talk to my neighbor instead of waving at them when they pulled out of the driveway this morning? Did I listen to my children when they tried to get my attention wanting to talk. Did I brush them off and say later, perhaps when I have more time.

For the homeless have I helped serve them a meal, speak to them about Jesus, give them a blanket to keep them warm, or just sit and listen to them talk? The widows in the nursing home, did I take time to brush their hair, hold their hand when they were feeling alone, or read to them because their eyes are failing them.

Ecclesiastes has opened my eyes.

Dear Father thank you for opening my eyes. Forgive me for my short comings and I pray with Your help to be the person You want me to me. Amen.

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